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Root Canal Treatment Specialist in Lake Forest CA

Endodontics, or root canal treatment, is a procedure used to treat problems in the soft pulpy tissue within the tooth. There are a variety of procedures involved in endodontics, and it is a common procedure similar to having your fillings repaired. For patients who suffer from tooth pain that is responsive to endodontics, it is frequently one of the most effective procedures available. 

The Correct Steps for Root Canal Treatment

The discomfort experienced with a dental abscess or an inflamed pulp can be alleviated, but only after it has been properly treated. An infection or inflammation in the tooth’s pulp can cause considerable pain. After a while, the discomfort may go away or at least be lessened. This is because there are blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerve cells in the pulp. An infected tooth, on the other hand, will not recover without intervention; it may even lead to a dental abscess and other systemic problems! 

Post-Treatment Care by Your Root Canal Specialist 

Sensitivity and tenderness to pressure is normal for the first few days following a root canal, but your symptoms will be alleviated with pain medication. If you are still experiencing discomfort after several days, please call us immediately so we can offer other solutions to help keep you comfortable.

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