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Best Root Canal Specialist Near Me, Lake Forest and Whittier CA

Root canal therapy is a series of procedures used to treat problems with the pulp tissue inside your tooth. Although some people mistakenly believe this process to be one that causes pain, it’s usually no worse than getting a filling. For certain types of tooth pain, however, root canal therapy can actually be quite effective as treatment. 

When Is A Root Canal Specialist Needed?

When the tooth is suffering from infection or inflammation, a root canal may be required. The pulp tissue of the tooth contains blood arteries, connective tissue and nerve cells which is why malfunctioning here can cause pain. This discomfort could go away in time but if it doesn’t then we have to get treatment for it because if not then there will be an infection that won’t go away anytime soon; this leads to dental abscesses and sometimes even systemic issues around your body.

Root Canals & Post-Treatment Care

If you have a root canal, your tooth may be sensitive to pressure for the first few days after. Pain medication will help with these symptoms but if they persist, call us and we’ll offer other solutions so you can stay comfortable.

The best way to avoid needing a root canal is through routine dental exams and cleanings that allow us diagnose small cavities before they become big enough to compromise nerve function. Little ones are easy fix!